Bishop Maxwell Loeb

Power-mongering Bastard


Loeb is morbidly obese with a rather gangrenous complexion. Despite his vast bulk. Loeb has been known to move quickly and fluidly when he wants to. Few can forget the spectacle of him twirling almost like a ballet dancer on a body distinctly unsuited for twirling. To make matters worse, Loeb favors leather and PVC BDSM clothing as a way of making people uncomfortable around him. A gangrenous Nosferatu with a monstrously swollen belly pooching out over a spiked leather thong is a sight that gives even his clan mates a reason to cringe and shudder.


Maxwell Loeb was born into a rich merchant American merchant family. He was raised to believe that money and power were the only things in life that were truly important. According to rumors, Loeb was secretly betraying America to the British during the War of 1812 by supplying them with arms, information and other forms of aid. This eventually brought him to the attention of the Nosferatu Antitribu who embraced him into the clan, figuring that a well-paid lowlife like Loeb deserved to be with them. It was devastating to Loeb, who lost everything. Ironically enough, the embrace and subsequent disappearance of Mr. Loeb probably saved him from being discovered and shot as a traitor by the United States government. He eventually made a comeback of sorts after joining the Path of Power and the Inner Voice. He Diablerized his Sire at one point before rising to become pack leader of Milan XIV and eventually a Sabbat Bishop.

Loeb and his pack Milan XIV are enemies of Charles Sterling and his Bloodrunners. This stems initially from Sterling heavily criticizing Loeb’s Ultraconservative Sabbat politics. But matters truly came to a head during a raid on a major Baali communal nest in 1990. It was a joint action held in concert by Milan XIV, the Bloodrunners, the Abominari, and the Crypt Knights. During the raid, some members of both the Bloodrunners and Milan XIV were killed by the Baali vampires. Loeb and Sterling both blamed the deaths on the supposed incompetence of each other’s packs and each other’s leadership after the raid. This cemented the mutual animosity of the two packs forever.

Bishop Maxwell Loeb

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