The Herald of Ezahimon


Azezial has a human form he usually assumes while on Earth: That of a ragged dirty homeless bum with a cataract covering his right eye. In his true form, he usually chooses the shape of an emaciated winged demon with curled horns and a vaguely corpselike face.


Azeziel has been patiently been watching over Detroit for his master, Ezahimon for many years. He tends to be a very secretive player when on Earth, even waiting months or even years to reveal himself to an enemy.

One night in December of 1992, Azeziel appeared to her and her childe, James R. Smith with a startling revelation: Ezahimon intended to make her his in hopes of claiming her soul since she had taken Josef’s soul from him by way of Diablerie. Immediately upon being informed by Azeziel that she had unknowingly cheated Ezahimon of Josef’s soul, Agatha began to suffer from a Supplicium (see the Dark Ages Companion for more information on Suppliciums). This earned him an attack from Smith as well as his undying hatred. Smith would get a measure of revenge during the Desecration War, during which he used Vicissitude to rip the demon’s body apart. However, it is unlear if that killed Azezial for good or if it merely forced him to return to Hell in failure.


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