Archbishop Diego Santana

The Sabbat Archbishop of Detroit


Santana is a dashing fellow, in a roguish sort of way. He has brown eyes and black hair which he wears in dreadlocks. He sports a neatly trimmed goatee. He typically wears black jeans, leather work boots and a black duster but usually goes shirtless. However, like most Sabbat vampires his skin is deathly pale giving him a disturbingly unhealthy aspect.

He keeps a small herd of beautiful women who he Dominates so ruthlessly that they barely have any will of their own left.


Originally a mercenary during the General Crisis, Diego is very much a product of his time having fought in numerous skirmishes with pirates, bandits, and rebels. In 1669 he was embraced by a Lasombra named Julia Chrisanti. She was impressed with his ability to rouse and inspire other mercenaries under his command. It didn’t take long for him to settle into his new role. After all, the war against the Camarilla was still a war and wars need soldiers. And just like any good mercenary, he got his payoff in the form of diablerie against Camarilla vampires. Eventually, he tired of his old pack and left for America to form one of his own in the New World. From there, he and his pack would go on to help found the city of Detroit.

It is now the late 20th century. History has a way of repeating itself. Santana sees a new version of The General Crisis brewing in the world. Only this time it’s connected to one thing…upcoming Gehenna. He is gearing up to bring sword and pistol to his enemies one last time.

Once a good friend of the Bloodrunners, Santana has grown ever more distant with the pack and their Ductus, Charles Sterling. He blames Sterling and the Bloodrunners partially for the death of Bishop Nadia Jovanovic and was none too thrilled with them being instrumental in forming a temporary alliance with the North Wind Garou during the Desecration War.

Archbishop Diego Santana

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