Alamandric Von Stein

Hierophant of the Detroit Baali


(DECEASED! See Bio below for more details.)

Alamandric is 6’2" tall and 185 lbs. He has short spiky platinum blonde hair and piercing ice blue eyes. He speaks with a germanic accent and often grins roguishly as if he is privy to a joke that nobody else is in on.


Little is known about Alamandric’s background or origin, save that he was one of the most well-traveled Baali vampires in the Middle Ages, having been seen in far flung places from Antioch to Spain. Some Cainite scholars believe that he was sort of a courier between different Baali nests or possibly a stalking horse for the bloodline, scouting out regions before other Baali established domains therein.

UPDATE: The Final Death of Alamandric Von Stein

Alamandric Von Stein met with final death on Dec. 10, 1992 at the hands of Edward “Eddie” Deschain. His death brought the Desecration War to a close. To date, Von Stein is regarded as the most vile, reprehensible and morally repugnant vampire ever to curse Detroit with his presence. Some of his acts were even able to horrify and outrage members of the Bloodrunners. Indeed, Von Stein’s plots grew so heinous that the garou from the Sept of the North Wind and the Detroit Sabbat put aside their mutual hatred long enough to destroy his cult in a temporary alliance. It is the first beneficial thing the Sabbat has done as a group for the mortals of Detroit by comparison to their usual activities(albeit unintentionally).

Some of his more notable atrocities:

*Von Stein’s minions are believed to be responsible for the ritualistic torture and murder of hundreds of men, women and children over a period of several decades. Said torture and murder were all performed in such gruesome, cruel and callous ways as to be able to turn the stomachs of those Sabbat privy to such things.

*Von Stein used his influence to subtly corrupt an unknown number of people and exacerbate the poverty, violence and general misery of a large swath of Detroit.

*His mortal cult has spread such moral degradation and despair that an incredible number of Detroit citizens have wound up in Hell upon their deaths.

*His cult is responsible for summoning the demon Azeziel to earth and allowing him to roam Detroit freely as a Herald of the Demon Lord Ezahimon.

*With the aid of Wyrm forces such as Black Spiral Dancers, Banes and Fomori he attempted to desecrate reality itself, i.e. to soil it so much that things like True Faith and Sabbat Ritae would no longer function. He partially succeeded in this enough to affect the Metro Detroit area until the Touchstone of the Spheres was destroyed by the combined actions of Edward “Eddie” Deschain and James R. Smith wielding alchemical blades against the ancient artifact at the same instant. The ritual itself was a horrid spectacle in which mortal cultists copulated with each other and various monsters while Baali vampires assisted by a Nexus Crawler forced 13 pregnant mortal women to give birth to babies which were then embraced and subsequently diablerized by said Baali.

*He used his Presence powers to enthrall and corrupt Alecta Castellanos of the Dawn Guard garou pack. By the time she was rescued, she had drank Von Stein’s vitae twice and performed lewd acts before the cult’s idol of Ezahimon. Much to the chagrin of her packmates, the whole affair may have scarred Alecta psychologically for life.

*During the period in which Eddie and James were held captive by Von Stein, he forced them to watch as he beat Cassie Wright into a Torpor with a crowbar. A torpor from which she might not awaken from for years. The night before that, Eddie was forced to watch helplessly as Von Stein had Eddie’s mortal pet and lover Claire Winslow raped repeatedly by mortal cultists, demons, fomori and Black Spiral Dancers over a period of several hours.

In conclusion, Von Stein was such a horrid and irredeemable figure as to be of Biblical proportions. Detroit and the rest of the world are a better place thanks to his death.

Alamandric Von Stein

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