Welcome To Detroit

"Welcome to Detroit. An economic wreck of a city. Pimps, pushers, homeless people, hookers, crooked cops, corrupt politicians…we have it all. Our lovely crumbling city is your one-stop shopping for any sort of vice imaginable.

Oh, I forgot to mention. This town is crawling with vampires. And the occasional werewolf. And a demon every now and then. We’re home to all sorts of things that go bump in the night. I am one such myself.

Introductions are in order. I am Charles Sterling, Ductus of the Bloodrunners pack. I am a True Sabbat and am very proud of my founded coven. They have a nickname for me. They call me ‘Big Papa’. We have our lair in a dilapidated movie palace from the 1930’s. And we control the entire neighborhood of Warrendale. Nobody else drinks there without our permission.

But it isn’t all wine and roses. We’ve got problems. There’s a demon lord named Ezahimon working his influence over Detroit. He and his damned Baali minions. We’ve got Bishop Maxwell Loeb always looking for ways to bring us down. Seems his fat Nosferatu ass doesn’t like us. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got the Camarilla and worse nosing around in our own backyard.

But the Hell with them. Fuck ‘em if they can’t take a joke. We’ll survive. Against all odds…we will endure and grow stronger." -Charles Sterling, Ductus of the Bloodrunners

Against All Odds is a V:TM Sabbat chronicle set in early 90’s Detroit. Join the Bloodrunners as they struggle to advance their pack. Unlife isn’t easy for the Sabbat of the Motor City. They must try to hold on to what they have in the face of formidable opposition. This key city must not be lost to the Camarilla or even darker forces.

Against All Odds

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