The magi of Detroit are a secretive and clannish lot, preferring to avoid vampires as a matter of course. They are known to congregate at a place called The Bar with No Name. It’s a grand drinking establishment, enchanted in such a way that it is bigger on the inside than the outside. There are mystic wards on the place which prevent it being found by mortals, vampires, and werewolves without some sort of guide although the local Unseelie changelings seem to be immune. After leaving the place, you’ll forget the way to get there.

The number of mages in Detroit is currently unknown. However, Kirk Soderstrom claims that more and more of them are gathering in Detroit due to “current events”.

Some Known Mages:

Kirk Soderstrom, Order of Hermes, House Tytalus
Madame Arianne Orleans, Euthanatos
Monsieur Guy Orleans, Euthanatos
Melinda Q. Mercer, Virtual Adept
The Carthusian, Celestial Chorus, Monist-Deceased (Killed by the Bloodrunners with assistance from Kirk Soderstrom, Melinda Q. Mercer and Lilian O’ the Sewers)


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