Founded Covens

The founded covens of Detroit are a violent and varied lot. The most prestigious of the covens is the Blood Diamonds, the pack of Archbishop Diego Santana. The Blood Diamonds and the Crypt Knights allow outsider packs to feed in their territories but ask that they be allowed to hunt anywhere in the city. The Children of the Necropolis were allowed to feed anywhere, as they provided free body disposal in their crematorium for Sabbat who need corpses removed.

However, the covens don’t always get along with each other. The Bloodrunners have bitter rivalries with both Milan XIV and The Lords of Nothing. The Crypt Knights and Blade and Mask Society are standoffish towards one another. And the Mongrel Dogs additionally have a longtime feud with a nomad pack called the Devil’s Swine.

1992 has been a hard year for the Detroit Sabbat. First, the Children of the Necropolis were burned to death in their communal haven and less than a month later the Scarlet Lemures were all slaughtered by lupines. This has sparked all sorts of debate about secrecy, security, and preparedness with Bishop Loeb and his Ultraconservatives pointing fingers at the more freewheeling packs while the Loyalist faction accuses the Ultaconservatives of trying to turn Detroit into a “quasi-Camarilla” city.

The Bloodrunners
The Blood Diamonds
The Abominari
Milan XIV
The Scarlet Lemures All Deceased 11/5/1992
The Crypt Knights
The Mongrel Dogs
Children of the Necropolis All Deceased 10/10/1992
The Blade and Mask Society
The Lords of Nothing

Founded Covens

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