Against All Odds

Field Trip

Dec. 22, 1992-Dec.23,1992

((Under Construction))


Dec. 8, 1992-Dec.10, 1992

((Under Construction))


Nov. 20, 1992-Nov.21, 1992

((Under Construction))

The Sephiroth Endeavor

Nov. 9, 1992

((Under Construction))

This Gloomy Fairyland

Nov.8, 1992

((Under Construction))

Assamite Gambit

Oct. 28-Oct.31

((under Construction))

Hunting the Hunters

Oct. 9,1992-Oct.14, 1992

While out hunting, Edward “Eddie” Deschain, Amanda Jayne Parsons and James R. Smith encountered a new group of local vampire hunters calling themselves the Network, who organize themselves into quasi-paramilitary cells. After making short work of the cell members and eventually rescuing the nosferatu pack priest of the Mongrel Dogs, the Bloodrunners stayed alert for more signs of their foes. Nothing cropped up again until the night before the Blood Run. This came in the form of the Children of the Necropolis being all killed by the network shortly before sunset, their mortuary haven having been burnt to the ground. A Wild Hunt was decreed by Archbishop Diego Santana and the Detroit Sabbat did the only thing they could, which was to search the city block by block looking for signs of anything unusual. This coincided with the Bloodrunners’ ritus of the Blood Run. During that night, Eddie and James each found a Network safe house. Eddie took out the safe house he found with the help of the Crypt Knights. He had to wrap a tentacle of darkness around the hand of a network enforcer who happened to be holding a live grenade until the pin for it could be found. James took out his respective safe house with the help of the Mongrel Dogs. During these raids it was discovered that the Network was planning to hit the communal haven of the Scarlet Lemures next, the pack of Bishop Nadia Jovanovic. Also of note, Kamal Ahmadzai spent the night tracking down and killing every last member of the Warrendale Bloods. Eddie was declared winner of the Blood Run and was awarded an antique persian dagger. The next day, Sabbat ghouls waited around the communal haven of the Scarlet Lemures for the Network. While searching the now-vacated haven for vampires, tracer bugs were placed on the vehicles of the Network operatives. At sundown of that night, all of the Detroit Sabbat were assembled for a raid on the warehouse headquarters of the Network. during which, the Network was completely wiped out by the Sabbat. However, Eddie, james and Wallace Shockley were unable to apprehend the leader of the Network or even ascertain his identity. He put a pistol in his mouth and blew his own brains out as the three Sabbat entered his office. They then had to flee due to Eddie noticing a bomb with a timer underneath the leader’s desk. James got away from the explosion unscathed but Eddie and Wallace were injured in the blast. Arch Bishop Santana declared the Wild Hunt a success and most of the Sabbat left for their havens except for a few who handled covering up the explosion as a “meth lab accident”.

Cut To…

A scene involving reporter Olivia Dalton encountering Duncan Thorncastle of the prestigious Thorncastle family outside of a soup kitchen for the homeless where he was volunteering. Duncan had been gone from the Detroit social scene for awhile and explained to Olivia that he was done with his former playboy ways and had turned to God to help him fill a void he felt was in his life. Olivia expressed surprise at the change but seemed pleased with the idea. He was interrupted by a courier who asked him to sign for a manila folder. After taking it back to an office, he played a VHS tape inside the parcel. It was a tape made by the now dead leader of the Network asking him to view the footage he had amassed and to use his family’s connections to thwart the undead of Detroit.

The Story So Far...

The Touchstone
Sept. 4, 1992-Sept. 6,1992

While out hunting, Eddie, James, Kamal and Jana were approached by some members of The Cavity Creeps nomad pack in an alley. As the Creeps are old enemies of the Bloodrunners, mutual badmouthing started which eventually lead to a fight which in turn lead to murderous diablerie on the part of the victorious Bloodrunners. They took the Creeps red Hemi with them back to their communal haven. Upon ransacking the muscle car, Wallace discovered a strange black stone carved with odd glyphs wrapped in an oilcloth. Agatha used psychometry to discern that the object had once belonged to none other than Venmture himself. Further research led to knowledge that the artifact was the Touchstone of the Spheres…an artifact involved in either scrying or bridging the various planes of existence. The remaining Cavity Creeps contacted the Bloodrunners, demanding the return of their “property” in lieu of facing all-out warfare. Jana and Kamal did a spy job on the Creeps and learned that they were working for Marius Woode of Milan XIV. To make a long story short, evidence came up implicating Marius as an infernalist working for the Baali who were originally thought to have been destroyed. Alamandric contacted James R. Smith in his dreams and tried to tempt him into handing over the Touchstone, even going so far as to offer up a “secret” about Agatha Landau, one that even she was unaware of. Eventually, the Bloodrunners and Cavity Creeps had a showdown at Elmwood Cemetery which left the Cavity Creeps wiped out. The Bloodrunners went to The Void to confront Marius Woode. Marius was taken into captivity by the various Sabbat in attendance. The Touchstone was taken to the Vault of Shadows at the Grand Temple of Uriel for safekeeping. Bishop Loeb had his key to the vault taken away “until such time as the Baali menace can be wiped away for good”…a major embarrasment for him and his pack and just one more source of tension between Milan XIV and the Bloodrunners.

Dead Homies
Sept. 19, 1992-Sept. 23, 1992

Gang warfare came to Warrendale. The Warrendale Bloods found themselves fighting a mysterious new hispanic gang known as La Silencia. The Bloodrunners became embroiled in the war after La Silencia members did a drive-by on Derrick and in another part of the neighborhood attempted to carjack Eddie, James, Kamal and Jana. It came out that La Silencia was being controlled behind the scenes by Ignacio Villareal of the Baali and the Bloods were being backed by Natasha Dumitru, who only spoke to the Bloodrunners on the phone after being contacted with a pager number. At first, the Bloodrunners worked with the Bloods and eventually eliminated the La Silencia leader, a Baali ghoul named Julio Mendez. During this time, the Bloodrunners came across Cassandra Wright and James embraced her. They also found out the location of Ignacio’s temple lair and diablerized him and his lackeys. Charles also arranged for a gas main explosion to wipe away evidence of the subterranean temple beneath the abandoned Warrendale Community Center. Cassie became True Sabbat after diablerizing one of the lesser Baali in Ignacio’s temple.

One of the high points of this scenario was the Bloodrunners’ Night of the Honored Dead Ritual. Eddie meditated on his deceased packmate packmate Todd Bentahm, who used to be one of the best hand to hand combatants in the Bloodrunners and a Brujah Antitribu. James reminisced over Drake Lambert, the Assamite Antitribu burglar.

The Ashland Horror
Sept.29,1992-Sept.30, 1992

At the request of Bishop Moriarty, the Bloodrunners traveled to the small town of Ashland, Michigan to investigate the possible resurfacing of Ivan Zantosa, a Tzimisce elder who had vanished one night many years prior. The first night they found the town besieged by horrible monsters resembling demonic human babies with the surviving human population hiding in the tornado shelter of the local elementary school. They also encounter Deputy Amanda Parsons and promise not feed from the townsfolk she protects in exchange for her submitting to the Embrace. Eddie winds up being the one to turn Amanda and her knowledge of the town proves most valuable. After wending their way through the countryside, James’ Animalism allows him to find out about the presence of 1) that something weird is happening at the J&S Mine and 2) the presence of a mysterious and powerful vampire “who can turn into a cloud” who the Bloodrunners surmise is a Gangrel Elder of the Camarilla. Unfortunately, a pack of werewolves (The Disciples of Raven) is also in the area attracted by the strangeness and threat of the fleshy collective of horrors menacing the town and countryside. Rusty Chase of the Disciples of Raven showed up at one point under a flag of truce telling the Bloodrunners some minor information in hopes of getting them to confront the source of the horror instead of his own pack. Events then led them to stay in a bank vault for the night before setting off to find grenades at the survival shelter of local right wing nutjob Floyd Kunkle. After being harried through the woods by the werewolf pack, they found the lair of Ivan Zantosa at the abandoned J&S Mine. After a difficult battle, they killed Ivan by firing a grenade which triggered a cave-in of the mine. They managed to escape with Ivan’s Koldunic grimoires and a journal mentioning his “experiments” with Vicissitude, i.e. the monsters besieging the town were the result of Vicissitude gone horribly wrong. They also had a final confrontation with the Disciples of Raven which ended with Amanda threatening to blow all of them up with a grenade blast. The werewolves decided to leave but not before vowing to come to Detroit and “pay the leeches a visit”. The Bloodrunners left with Amanda who took one last wistful look at her hometown and the rest of the pack realising they never got to confront the mysterious seeming gangrel elder and Agatha remarking that if it’s important, “it will simply bite us in the ass later.”

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