Demon Lord of Poverty and Lack


Ezahimon appears however he wishes. Nobody is entirely sure what his true form looks like. Not even James R. Smith, who rashly used the Touchstone to take a peek into Hell and wound up seeing Ezahimon directly.


Ezahimon’s origin is somewhat shrouded in mystery. Presumably he was a fallen angel who wound up in Hell after joining a rebellion against God. However, some occult scholars claim that Ezahimon (and many other demons) are actually angelos egregori or incarnted thoughtforms. Evidence of his worship and invocation has surfaced as far back as ancient Sumer. His worship was also known to have taken place in Carthage. He seems to take joy in ruining cities and civilzations and widespread economic decline strengthens his power on the earthly plane. Agatha Landau has speculated that Ezahimon wants to turn Detroit into a sort of “anti-Carthage” social experiment.

Ekaterina Bogdonovich has publically theorized that Ezahimon has lost a major amout of influence over Detroit. But she also warns that the Sabbat should stay vigilant against another move by the Demon Lord to regain the foothold he once had.


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