Edward "Eddie" Deschain

The Police Detective Turned Vampire


Eddie appears to be in his late 30s. At 6’ tall and 180 lbs. he cuts an imposing figure which aids in intimidating people. Eddie has short spiky blonde hair and the sort of abnormally pale skin common to Sabbat vampires. In manner, he is often blunt and direct most of the time. As an example of such, he told a recently Embraced Cassandra Wright that if she truly didn’t want to be a vampire that she could “watch a sunrise” anytime she felt like it. The glint in his eyes is disquieting. Something in them seems to scream archetypal “bad man” when one looks directly into them. He favors dark clothing, mainly because it hides blood stains well.


Eddie grew up in a tough Detroit neighborhood and it gave him a bit of a mean streak. Constantly having to defend himself from other teens made him used to thuggery and violence. He would grow up to join the police department for all the wrong reasons. Being a cop was great! All the people who had crossed him over the years got to enjoy his retribution in the form of trumped up charges, falsified evidence, intimidation and police brutality. Not that he treated strangers much better. He would beat suspects with his nightstick before bringing them into the station to sign a confession. Eddie’s conviction record eventually got him promoted to the rank of detective while making him a figure of terror on the streets. It also got him noticed by the The Bloodrunners.

While investigating a ritualized murder of a Warrendale family in their home, Eddie kept feeling as though he were being watched. Strange things, mostly. Odd shadows out of the corners of his eye. Things culminated one night when Kamal Ahmadzai and Roland Chambers paid him a visit in his apartment. After roughing Eddie up, they took him out to a vacant lot where Roland gave him the Embrace and James R. Smith gave him a shovel to the back of his head. After digging himself out of the ground, Eddie started his journey through the world of the Sabbat. Much to the chagrin of Roland Chambers, Eddie went on to follow the Path of Honorable Accord instead of the Path of Power and the Inner Voice.

Eddie recently embraced Amanda Parsons into Clan Lasombra during a trip to the small town of Ashland, Michigan. Only time will tell how this will effect the both of them.

Edward "Eddie" Deschain

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