Derrick Hewitt

The Bloodrunners' Bully Boy


Derrick is big and intimidating. He sports a dyed red mohawk haircut. He tends to wear a jeans jacket, and Exploited t-shirt, and scuffed up steel-toed work boots. Fond of body modification, he had numerous piercings and some rather obscene tattoos.


Derrick came from a broken home and a poor family in Detroit. His dad was an alcoholic. His mom was an emotionally distant pill-popping nutcase. And his older sister was a junkie whore who would often steal what little money Derrick could scrape together for himself. To make things worse, the Detroit school system wasn’t geared to handle kids like Derrick. His teachers blamed his poor grades on “stupidity” and “laziness” without taking the time to dig deeper and realize that he was actually smarter than they gave him credit for. It was small wonder that Derrick grew into a violent rebel who hated society and loved punk rock. His two great loves in life were brawling and his music. He was arrested numerous times for getting into fistfights but was always quickly let go. The Detroit justice system simply had too much to worry about to focus a lot of energy on Derrick’s hooliganism.

One night in 1982, Big Joe Ferguson of the Bloodrunners decided that Derrick deserved a shovel party. To nobody’s surprise, Derrick was strong enough to dig his way out the ground. What was a bit of shock however was that the Embrace actually seemed to make Derrick more mellow in comparison to his mortal life. Sure, he was still loud and often violent. But just as often, he seemed to channel his angst into bullying and intimidation as often as he let off steam through brawling. Derrick’s ire was focused primarily on the pack ghouls, who soon grew to hate him even though they dared not stand up to him. Derrick actually managed to turn the abuse of ghouls into something of a crude art form, much to the amusement of his best friend, Kamal Ahmadzai. Derrick was considered loyal and brave by his packmates and was always at the forefront of any fight they got into.

Final Death

Derrick was killed during the events of the Desecration War. On Dec. 9th, 1992 the Bloodrunners and the Dawn Guard as well as the mages Kirk Soderstrom, Kanti Blackfeather, and Travis Morgan attempted to disrupt the combined Baali Infernalist/Wyrm Minion faction headed by Alamandric Von Stein, the Bane known as the Tick-Tock Man, Azeziel the Demon, and Gru’ush of the Black Spiral Dancers. Horribly outnumbered and having lost the element of surprise, things were desperate for Sabbat/Garou/Mage coalition. Derrick tried to charge the main ritual platform and seize the Touchstone of the Spheres. He was tossing aside ghouls and fomori with great success until he was grabbed by the throat by the Black Spiral Dancer Mu’gamysh. Much to the horror of Derrick’s best friend Kamal Ahmadzai, Mu’gamysh ripped out Derrick’s heart, sending him to final death. Kamal returned to the ritual site after the enemy had left and gathered up some of Derrick’s ashes in a ziploc bag. Kamal vowed to himself to avenge his fallen friend.

Derrick is survived by his recently created childe of war, Clover.

Derrick Hewitt

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