Claire Winslow

Victim of Circumstance


Claire is 5’4" tall and 125 lbs with long black hair and brown eyes. When working as a waitress, she dresses appropriately for the job. During her days off, she wears casual attire. When night falls and she wants to go clubbing, she dresses in full-on goth girl style. Claire loves to smoke marijuana and sometimes carries a faint aroma of cannabis in addition to the scent of whatever bodywash or perfume she’s wearing.


Claire’s life was fairly uneventful for someone growing up in Detroit. That all changed the night she met Eddie Deschain at The Void. Eddie charmed Claire and was able to get an invite back to her apartment. He waited until she passed out from alcohol and weed and took a sip of her blood, getting an enjoyable contact high. He enjoyed himself enough that he decided not to kill her like he usually did with his prey. He resolved to meet up with her again and feed from her on a regular basis after getting her high. But along the way, something unplanned happened. Eddie started to develop feelings for Claire. These feelings became more pronounced after he gave up on the idea of wooing his childe, Amanda Parsons. Eddie would see her from time to time, Dominating her into thinking that they had wild exhausting sex rather than him slaking his thirst for her drug-tinged blood. The rest of the Bloodrunners started to refer to Claire as Eddie’s “pet”.

Things changed drastically as a result of the Desecration War. Alamandric Von Stein had found out about Claire by walking through Eddie’s dreams and subconscious mind. One day, some of his ghouls went by her apartment and abducted her. This resulted in Claire being raped repeatedly for hours by mortal cultists and monsters while Eddie watched helplessly with a wooden stake through his heart. After the Desecration faction was routed and Claire was rescued, Eddie had to decide what to do with Claire. In fact, his fellow pack mates were urging him to hurry up and plug the security leak she represented. He explained everything to Claire and laid out her options: 1) Become a vampire 2) Have her memory of him and all that happened erased via dominate or 3) Wind up dead at the hands of his pack. He gave her until the next evening to decide. When he came back, she tearfully explained that she couldn’t live in his world after all that had happened to her. She wanted the painful memories gone even though it meant the happier ones would also be forgotten. Over the course of several hours, Eddie not only erased her memories of him and all things supernatural, he also planted a compulsion to leave Detroit and start over somewhere else. After which, he left her apartment with a heavy heart and a desire to be alone with his misery. She would quit her job and leave Detroit within a matter of days.

Claire Winslow

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