Cassandra "Jailbait" Wright

Ingenue Childe of James R. Smith


Cassandra usually appears to be a pale 16 year-old girl with brown hair and brown eyes. Although she sometimes alters her look via vicissitude, this is rare as she is still developing her skill in the discipline and doesn’t want to flub her appearance badly. Normally she wears thrift store attire and carries a skateboard, except when hunting. When thirsty, she wears skimpy schoolgirl outfits and excessive makeup as a way of luring ephebophiles into her clutches by way of making them think her to be an underage prostitute.


Cassandra grew up in a broken home in the Warrendale neighborhood of Detroit, raised by a mother who cared little for the child of “good for nothing” father who didn’t stick around to see her born. Most of her life she also had to deal with a series of her mother’s boyfriends, a couple of whom were good guys while the rest were either ambivalent at best or abusive at worst. She took to spending as much time away from her mother and her boyfriends as possible, sometimes not showing up at home for days at a time. She also took to skateboarding, finding it a pleasant distraction from her painful life. On Sept. 22, 1992 she had the misfortune to be out when the Bloodrunners were in their van cruising for a “snack”. She was abducted by them and shoved into the van. They would surely have drained her to death but instead of screaming and pleading like most of their victims, Cassie seemed to accept that she was doomed and and couldn’t do anything about it. She closed her eyes and hoped for it to end quickly. However, this attitude made the Bloodrunners take notice and they decided that she shouldn’t get off so easily. After a game of chance to determine who would Embrace her, James won and became her sire. It wasn’t long before she was thrust into a fight with Ignacio Villareal and his Baali childer, during which she somehow managed to survive and James made her commit diablerie on one of the unholy vampire spawn. After it was over, Charles Sterling declared her True Sabbat. Cassandra is currently finding her human side quickly slipping away and is trying to cope with it while simultaneously trying to find her place within the Bloodrunners. She may need to adopt a Path of Enlightenment soon or lose control fully to the Beast and need to be put down.

For the most part, the other Bloodrunners accept her. She is close to Wallace Shockley and Derrick Hewitt, who both empathize with her having a difficult youth, the latter giving her the nickname of “Jailbait” based on her hunting methods. She initially didn’t get along with Jana Moses. The two simply rubbed each other the wrong way. That has since changed due to the interference of James Smith. She has also caught the attention of Bishop Lazarus Moriarty, who lured her into a bloody and inhuman tryst by using auspex to probe her mind and obfuscate to assume the likeness of a highschool boy she had a crush on.

Cassandra "Jailbait" Wright

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