Agatha Landau

Pack Priest of the Bloodrunners


Agatha’s appearance morphs like quicksilver but is usually beautiful, sometimes inhumanly so. She can and will change hair or eye color on a whim. She sometimes favors shedding her clothes, making her skin a pale and slightly translucent blue while shaping her arms into pinioned batlike wings that actually allow her to glide down on prey.


Agatha is British, from Leeds. Like Aleister Crowley, she was raised in the ultra-fundamentalist Christian sect known as the Plymouth Brethren and this harsh upbringing must have done something to twist her inside. In 1804 she was a nurse tending to inmates at an insane asylum. She came up with the morbid theory that the slow deaths of the clinically insane could offer some clues as to what happens to the soul upon the death of the physical body and she began to slowly poison the craziest of them. She figured that in a way, she was giving them an eventual merciful release from a life of mental anguish at the cost of some extra physical suffering as they slowly succumbed to the tainted medicine she administered to them. This brought her to the attention of her Sire. One Sir Oliver Penderghast, a Tzimisce vampire who fancied that he needed a “bride”. In 1894, she diablerized her Sire in the hopes of absorbing some of his insight and fled her then current pack to settle in America and eventually join the Bloodrunners. She is the second Pack Priest to hold the position after the former one, Josef Csenia, ordered her to diablerize him. Unbeknownst to Agatha, Josef had started down the Path of Evil Revelations and had asked her to diablerize him as a way to avoid losing his soul to Hell. At first, Agatha was unaware of what had happened. Over time, she began to sort the mystery out until one night in December of 1992, Azeziel appeared to her and her childe, James R. Smith with a startling revelation: Ezahimon intended to make her his in hopes of claiming her soul since she had taken Josef’s soul from him.

Spiritual Assualt and Recent Torpor

Immediately upon being informed by Azeziel that she had unknowingly cheated Ezahimon of Josef’s soul, Agatha began to suffer from a Supplicium (see the Dark Ages Companion for more information on Suppliciums). She withstood it while James forced Azeziel to retreat. But the Suppliciums kept reoccurring, forcing Agatha to admit to her pack what had happened and to warn them that she would eventually lose her soul to Ezahimon once her will to resist him ran out. She also warned them to kill her if need be. However, Inquisitor Ekaterina Bogdonovich had been spying on the Bloodrunners for quite some time in the hopes of drawing out the Infernal forces of Detroit. She approached James the next evening and told him she knew what was happening and that there was an alternative to killing Agatha: putting her into torpor until some way of freeing her from demonic torment showed itself. It was a complete long shot but the idea was brought before the pack. The result? Charles Sterling slashed her across the throat and made her bleed out after which Edward “Eddie” Deschain drove a wooden stake into her chest. Then the pack buried her in her coffin in a pit dug into the floor of a hidden room deep in the West side Playhouse Theater in the faint hope of one day rescuing her from her predicament. Jana Moses then took over as the third Pack Priest of the Bloodrunners and James silently determined himself to avenge Agatha.

Agatha Landau

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